Macbeth Pendleton

Vegan Skate Shoe Pendleton by Macbeth

Lets take a look at something from a current season. If it wasn’t for the Macbeth logo on the side, I might mistake these for a pair of Emericas or another popular skateboard shoe brand.   The Black/Black (big surprise) Pendleton trades in the usual canvas that Macbeth uses for a more durable Synthetic Suede and faux leather logo. Vegan Skate Shoe PendletonThe toe is a solid one piece construction that travels far enough to the back side of the shoe to keep the ollie gremlins at bay.  Thin tongue thin collar, with a nice tight looking heel cup.   Very amp’d to see Macbeth with what looks to be a legit skate model.

Zappos has them $65.00 sizes 5-13 (your move MooShoes.)



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