Macbeth Pendleton

Vegan Macbeth skateboard shoes PendletonMacbeth has a new Pendleton in a Vegan colorway for the summer.  The upper features a durable synthetic nubuck toe cap which wraps well into the side of the shoe. Perforated synthetic nubuck on the sides allow for your feet to breath. The soles are vulcanized for some great board feel and flex, but the insoles have some extra cushioning for comfort. Thin collar and tongue go hand in hand with the slim look.

Vegan Skateboard shoes from MacbethMacbeth has been making a good number of shoes that are perfect for skateboarding. In both the cut and the materials they are making a good push into the core skate market.

Zappos size 5-13 $65.00

Macbeth sizes 8-13 $64.99

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