Osiris NYC 83 VLC

Osiris NYC 83 VLC come in some new vegan colorways, in both Canvas and Synthetic Leather!  Either way they are some flashy skateboard shoes.  I really dig the Brown and Orange canvas model. They sort of reminds me of some brown Carhartts, with construction site orange flare.

High-Tops with lots of padding in the ankle combined with Vulcanized soles for optimal board feel.  Can’t go wrong.  Osiris has all 5 on their site. Lots of sizes.

Note they all run a half size big, so if you rock a 9, get 8.5

Brown/Orange size 8-14 $70.00

 vegan skateboard shoes from osirisBlack/Teal size 5-14 $70.00

Osiris Vegan skateboard shoesNavysize 7-14 $70.00

Osiris Vegan skateboard shoesBlack/Yellow size 5-14 $75.00

 vegan skateboard shoes from OsirisWhite/Teal/Purplesize 5-14 $75.00

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