Osiris Pixel

Osiris Pixel 90's skateboard shoes vegan synthetic-leather Osiris Pixel is back in a bright vegan colorway to brighten up your drab autumn day, playa. Halloween is round the corner and they got you covered too. A traditional cup sole with nice looking airbags in the heal and serious tongue and collar padding. The Pixel is effectively a throwback to the technical skateboard shoes of the mid to late 90’s when bigger equaled better.

Osiris Pixel 90's skateboard shoes vegan synthetic-leather Synthetic-leather upper is combined with a very breathable mesh midsole making the shoe extremely breathable. The soles have a fair amount of grip despite the small tread area. If thin ain’t your thing and you want your feet to draw attention away from the face area, these are the skate shoes for you!  Kidding aside they skate nice too, especially for old men.

Note: Zappos lists both colorways with a leather upper, confirmed with Osiris these are all synthetic in the two listed colorways. .


Blue/Orange/Yellow size 5-14 $80.00

Black/Char/Orange 5-6.6 $80.00


Blue/Orange/Yellow size 5-14 $80.00

Black/Char/Orange sizes  5.5-7,8-9,10 $62.99

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