Osiris Relic

Vegan Osiris Relic Skate shoe in Charcoal Lime White

Charcoal Lime White sizes 5-11 (no 6)$40

Do you need a classic skate shoe for cheap? Well buddy, the Osiris Relic has you covered.  Every one of the Back to School 2011 Relics are made in handy Synthetic Nubuck.  Like a Vegan Skate shoe buffet. All you can shred, $40. If you don’t want to be goth’d out and want a non-black shoe, you have some options here. Vegan Skateboard shoe from Osiris in Black Red and White

Black White Red 6.5-10.5, (no 10)$40

The abrasion resistant cup-sole is legit and will barely wear even with the most copious toe dragging. Nice padded collar and tongue, and some low-profile branding with a teensy Osiris label. I stand all day for work and the in-soles in these are very comfortable.

Vegan Skateboard shoe from Osiris in Black White

Black Black White 7,8,8.5,9 $40

Vegan Skateboard shoe from Osiris in White Black Gray

White Black Gray 7-11.5 (no 11)$40

Random sizes on some of these, but I really wanted to post the Relic due to its price and the colorways. Five out of Six are available, so if you wanted the all white, buy the White Black Gray and a bottle of “white-out.” Do us all a favor and write or “tweet” Osiris giving them props for a fine job on these kicks.   And if you still want to dress in all black (like your soul) no problem, unless you wear a size 6.

Vegan Skateboard show from Osiris in Black

Black Black Black 5-14, (no 6)$40



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