Osiris Relic

Vegan Osiris Skateboard shoeOsiris Relic moved to Portland to live the dream of the 90’s. Believe it or not this shoe is from the Spring 2012 line.

Vegan skateboard shoes from OsirisSynthetic nubuck and mesh upper make for a good combination of wear resistance and breathability. Lots of padding in the tongue and collar to keep your feet feeling fluffy. The cupsole construction features an abrasion-resistant outsole. I skated a pair of pixels last year and they took forever to wear down.

Vegan Osiris Skateboard shoe RelicIn the 90’s it seemed like the accidentally Vegan skate shoes were all over the place. I seriously doubt that Osiris is making any effort or it just gets down to using “cheeper” materials. Either way it would be sweet to see other companies go this route.

Osiris site

Black sizes 6-14 (no 12) $40.00

Dk Green/Lime/Black sizes 8.5,10.5, 11,11.5 $40.00

Black/Char/Teal size 7.5, 13 $40.00

Endless has a bunch of different colors and sizes from this season and a season past at $40.

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3 Responses to Osiris Relic

  1. veganshawn says:

    They look a lot like Es Accel’s. I would like these as work shoes, but I am so use to vulc shoes these days I can’t skate anything else.

  2. B.E. says:

    I bought a pair of Osiris Devise recently, and the tounges are twice as puffy as they need to be. It’s like they were trying to do an Etnies Rap/imitation Jordan III or IV kind of thing, but then just made the tounges gigantic for the 90s puffy skate shoe aesthetic. Ironically they run narrow, so I can’t lace them tight to make them not seem so puffy. I haven’t skated in them yet.

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