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Remember Osiris? Well they want you to Go Back to School In Style, Yo!
Thats what the kids are saying these days right? Yo? or is it cool-sauce? Chillax? Let me know in the comments, because recently I decided that despite having 1 foot in the grave I would enroll in a University. College and I didn’t get along. Twenty-Six credits from art school was about all I could muster in the 90s

When classes start at the end of August I might be rocking The Pixel which may just get me envied to a sweet high school party.

In recent years I’ve seen more colorful Osiris on teeny boppers then skaters. The Great Vulcan Invasion might have something to due with that. Frankly, most Osiris shoes look like basketball shoes from when I last took classes (read, the 90s).

Anyhow, what where we talking about? Oh yeah, so I received a pair of The Back To School ’11 model of Pixels the other day. I’ve skated in them, and they are legit.

The shoe is your traditional cup sole with a nice looking airbag. (we’ll see how long those last) The synthetic leather seems to be pretty sturdy. So far I’ve taken them for a couple long sessions and they have yet to show any significant wear. The laces can be protected both near the toe and ankle with a protective lace flap, on the Osiris site they call that “combination lacing system”. Speaking of laces, they are so F’ing LONG! I had to have my girlfriend do some magic lace cross stitching to get the ends to be of a reasonable length. If you or your partner don’t have reasonable lacing skills, buy shorter laces.

Another feature of these shoes that should be mentioned, wire mesh sides and perforated toe cap! This is SO important in a synthetic leather shoe. Needless to say, we suffers some hot feet with all the synthetics gear. Not in these sneakers. The soles have great arch support, the heal feels well protected, and no sweaty feet!

All said, they are in the pricer range of shoe, topping out at 85. I haven’t spent this much on a skate shoe in sometime so I hope they last.

$80 Zappos has the Charcoal Black White, Charcoal Grey Silver, and Charcoal Purple Lime.

79.99 from Shoebacca, as usual does not know how to list the shoe material
Charcoal Black White and Charcoal Purple Lime

85 from Osiris’ site which has the Black and Charcoal Grey

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