Osiris Troma Icon

Vegan Osiris Troma Icon Skateboard shoes

The Osiris Troma Icon reminds be of autumn. The browning of the leaves for one. And check out the canvas weave logo. This vegan skateboard shoe has some nice padding in the tongue and collar, a cup sole, and some extra heel padding!Vegan Skateboard shoes from Osiris

Sort of makes you think if a wicker basket, which is sort of like the Wicker Man, eh, eh?   Vegan Skateboard shoes from Osiris synthetic-leather

If thats not cool and spooky enough for ya, how bout a monster logo? Not as many size options, but this one comes in a black synthetic leather upper. With some wolfy looking guy and a green slime Osiris logo on the tongue  Either way, it’s fitting for the month of October.

Zappos has the Brown Canvas,                                                                                                          5-14 (no 13) $60.00

Osiris has 13s of the brown. And also the Black model.

Brown Brown Gum                                                                                                                           7-13 (no 8 or 11) $60.00

Black Monster                                                                                                                                   7-14 (no 13) $60.00

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