Praxis Core

Praxis Core Vegan Skateboard ShoeThe Praxis Core is back in another vegan colorway. The lower cut of the Core has many of the elements that you think of when you think classic skateboard shoe: cup soled, padded, and double stitching everywhere! Praxis as we mentioned in our review last year of the Elemental is a core-skate company focused like a laser on the skateboard community.

This season the Core features a textured synthetic-leather and ballistic canvas upper. The collar has a nice cut around the ankle with a nice bit of padding without making the shoe look fat. The tongue is thin but still has some cushioning to keep your feet comfortable.

Praxis’s “Sacred Sole,” which is featured across the entire line of shoes manages to be extremely light, flexible, and durable! It feels so close to the board you’ll think its a vulc, but it has the style and comfort of a cupsole.

Zumiez size 8-13 $59.95

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  1. B. Edge says:

    I’m skating in last seasons’ black on black Cores. A few things I’ve noticed about the shoes is they’re REALLY light, they’re tearing in the ollie and kickflip region pretty easily (maybe the new ballistic canvas is stronger than the regular canvas on my shoes), and they pinch my little toes when I’m taking a stride. I thought my little toe nail on the foot I push with was going to come off yesterday when I was skating in them.

  2. Great color way and design. Praxis is putting out some good looking shoes.

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