Praxis Trojan

Praxis Trojan Vegan Skateboard ShoesThe Trojan is Praxis’s all vegan skateboard shoe made with a new kind of synthetic called Gorilla Gum. We haven’t seen anything like it before, and Praxis claims the material is 200x stronger then the animal versions of suede and leather.  This sounds awesome and goes to show that there are amazing alternatives to animal based footwear.

Praxis Trojan Vegan Skateboard ShoesLike all Praxis shoes the Trojan features a cupsole, aka “Sacred Sole”, which we got to skate with the Elemental. It provides the kind of board feel you expect after breaking in a nice pair of cupsoles, but right out of the box.  The unfortunate name of the shoe (and the gum colorway) may be a clever pun lost on some, but its just another option from an independent skater owned and operated company. Unfortunately we never received a pair for a skate wear test but CCS has them for a song in common sizes and free Praxis shirts with every pair!


Black size 8-11.5 $44.99 (comes with a free Praxis Shirt!)

Gum size 8-11.5 $44.99 (looks like a condom and comes with a free Praxis Shirt!)

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  1. Wow, these look super durable. I want to skate the black pair.
    Praxis is killing it right now!

  2. Cody says:

    Just ordered these from Karma Loop, got them for 35$. I’ll report back with an update.

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