Supra Bandit

vegan supra skateboard shoes

The Supra Bandit is called a mid-top, even though this is the highest-top skate shoe I think had ever seen before I browsed the site a bit more.

These “boot-inspired” skate shoes come in 2 vegan verities. Black Canvas with Minty Green Soles and detailing, or Black and Gold Nylon.  Light weight cup soles, lots of padding. And a bonus if you eat granola (I eat granola), these duds use  Eco-Friendly and gold Bandits

It may almost be the 20-teens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t re-live the early 90’s. Get a Ghetto-Blaster, and don’t forget the D batteries Radio Raheem.

Supra has both in a large size selection.

Black and Green Size 4-14 80.00

Black and Gold Size 4-16 72.00





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2 Responses to Supra Bandit

  1. jesus says:

    donde puedo conseguir los negros con verde en mexico san luis potosí o si ay envíos para acá porfa

    • Mr Fakie says:


      The Supra Bandit is an older model and is not available in the US anymore. I don’t have a direct line to any distributers in Mexico, but I’ll check.

      Thanks for reading,
      Mr. Fakie

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