Supra Skylow

Vegan skateboard shoes from Supra

The Skylow is going to round out the vegan offerings from Supra, at least until new colors come out. (or if they ever get back to me about “Tuf Canvas”) They are a nice layered canvas skateboard shoe. Supra patterned vulcanized soles and some light padded stiff collar.

Supra Vegan Skateboard shoes

I would call this a mid, but for Supra says low. Either way you can go Red or Black. I listed a a few sites for the black, and a couple for red to give a better size selection.

Supra Black sizes 5,6-7.5, 9 $65.00

6pm sizes 8.5, 9,9.5,10.5 $49.99

6pm (sole is all gum, not black) sizes 10,11,12,13 $49.99

Supra Red sizes 7-12 (no 8,10,11) $65.00

Pick Your Shoes size 8-13  64.99

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