Supra Skytop III

Vegan Supra Skytop IIISupra Skytop III is probably hopefully the closest we will ever get to Back to The Future II skate shoes. While seemingly every other skateboard shoe company has been departing from the “more padding” ethos of the late 90’s, Supra keeps packing on the design.

Supra skateboard shoes in Vegan CanvasSupra definitely has some heavy capital in the skate industry. So while the Skytop III is not my cup of tea, they have a Vegan model this season so we’re posting them.  The upper is distressed black and white Canvas with a solid toe cap. Cupsoles and lots of padding throughout, and there is even an air pocket in the heel. I can’t really imagine what good the rubber lace cages are doing for you, but with a shoe that is going to be a love or hate situation does it really matter?

Supra size 4-14 $120.00 (shipping is free)

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