Supra Vaider Camo

Supra Vaider Camo Canvas Vegan Skateboard shoes

The Supra canvas camouflage campaign continues with this new vegan Vaider colorway. A ton of ankle support and protection with the high collar and extra high tongue. The black portion of the collar is PU (polyurethane) not leather. Vulcanized soles with a “Suprafoam” footbed and mesh sock liner, so you really get the best of comfort and board feel.

Zumiez size 4-13 $99.00

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3 Responses to Supra Vaider Camo

  1. B.E. says:

    A camo shoe and you didn’t bring up Earth Crisis? I’m disappointed.

    • Mr Fakie says:

      Shit, I’m slacking… uh, these Vaiders come with a bullet for every demon…?

      • B.E. says:

        I didn’t get the reference. I need to brush up on my crappy 90s sxe vegan warrior-core which is really just slowed down Slayer riffs with the solos taken out. Oh wait, no I don’t.

        The best thing about Earth Crisis – no one cares about them anymore. Their last album is in every bargain bin.

        Sorry, that was mean.

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