Vans Half Cab Denim

Vans Half Cab Denim is a great pair of skate shoes for all you Johnny Bluejeans out there.  As if the jean jacket wasn’t retro enough, now you can crank it up a notch.  The same cut and waffle sole as the original, but the upper is all denim canvas.

Vegan Vans in Denim

Luckily if blue isn’t your style, then black it is. Every Vegans favorite color. Personally, I would rock these, if I rocked denim at all. Till then I’m holding out for the Carharrt double knee washed duck work pants colabo.

Ambush Boarding Company

Denim Dress Blue/true white size 8-13 (no 10.5) $64.99

Denim Black/true white sizes 8-11 (no 9.5) $64.99

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