Thrasher – Maximum Rad

Thrasher Magazine marked 30 years of publication last April. To commemorate there was a special issues, bonus stickers, even a bunch of interviews on the Mag’s site. Now we have a pictorial history of the cover art and story’s to accompany the more colorful ones.

I started my subscription in around December of 1994 after feverishly borrowing a friends back issues. After I moved out of the parents house my subscriptions became spotty as I was more transient. While collecting back issues is probably out of the question due to lack of apartment space, this seems like a sweet way to fill that empty spot in my subscription hood.

You can browse Amazon, but go ahead and get it from Chicago’s book store of weird, Quimby’s $26.25

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  1. Terence says:

    hahah I actually remember owning all four of those issues when they came out back in the day, cutting them up and postering my room….

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