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Food Stamp Foodie Vegan Cookbook ZineFood Stamp Foodie: a mini zine of inexpensive vegan cookery by Virginia Paine, is a series of pocket sized cookbook zines that give a whole new meaning to eating cheap. This set of fairly simple recipes goes to show that eating cruelty free can be done on next to no money.  Food Stamp Foodie has 10-12 recipes in each issue and all are easy with ingredient at the normal grocery store.  I really like the idea of a cook zine thats so small you can keep it in the fork and spoon drawer in the kitchen.

Most of the vegans I’ve known over the years have had food stamps. (if your’e a college student with a job you qualify in most states) The East End Food Co-Op in Pittsburgh even gave a HUGE discount when you using food stamps. So if you do need those extra things like miso paste or tahini, check out your local health food store or Co-Op’s. Many want to lend a helping hand for those on a budget.

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Food Stamp Foodie also has a blog with photos of the food, not so much the recipes.


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  1. I’ve been on food stamps since 2009.
    I will definitely check these out.

  2. veganshawn says:

    Though I am not on foodstamps at the moment I have been on and off for years. My family of 4 are all vegan so we do eat on the cheap side, I need to send you a copy of our family’s cook zine.

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