Tacos Dorados con Salsa de Aguacate

Vegan Tacos Dorados Con Salsa de Aguacate Honorary Vegetable Shredder, Abigail brings us another amazing Mexican recipe, Tacos Dorados con Salsa de Aguacate!  Simple, cheap and seriously delicious! All qualifiers for a perfect Skate Snack!   You can make these in less then 20 minutes after a skate session with ingredients available just about anywhere! (Maybe not the Vegan Cheese and Vegan Sour Cream, but even some of our local Mexican groceries carry this stuff)Salsa de Aguacate Starting with the Salsa de Aguacate (Avocado) is so easy and amazing you may want to double your batch. What you need for the salsa: 1 Avocado, slice of a white onion about 1/2 inch lengthwise, 4 Jalapeños, 1 Tomatillo, 1 clove of garlic, juice from half a lime, Salt to taste ( we used about 1 – 1/12 table spoons)Salsa de Aguacate

Peel the avocado, onion and garlic, remove the jalapeños stems. Juice the lime, toss in the tomatillo and salt with everything else in the blender.  Blend on high and add water until you get a thin consistency. It shouldn’t be too thick. salsa de aguacateSalsa de Aquacate! Spicy and creamy like guacamole, but more refreshing! You should be able to pour it easily on top of the tacos. Carrots3 Carrots peeled with vegetable shredders, Gnar! Wait reverse that. Try to shred them thicker. If you have a mandolin this is way easier, but they should look like they do here.sautéed carrotsSauté the carrots until they are soft and bright. A little bit of olive oil and salt, this is fail proof so long as the carrots don’t burn.Tacos Dorados con CarrotsTime to wrap the tortillas! Put some carrot in the center and use a mild vegan cheese. Chicago Vegan Foods Mozzarella Teese has a perfect mild flavor balance for the spicy salsa!07TacosDoradosReadytofry(Tortilla Pro Tip: Microwave the tortillas for about 15-30 seconds and wrap them in a cloth towel. This will make them super ply-able and easier to roll like you see above.)08TacosDoradosPanLightly fry the rolled tacos in an oil coated pan. Be liberal with the oil. The torillas will soak it up like a sponge and then the tacos get a bit too crispy. We were going for lightly fried and soft. Ideally they should look like the three on the top. The bottom tacos are burned in comparison. Vegan Tacos DoradosAll lined up and ready to go. Tacos Dorados ready to be topped with Salsa de Aguacate, shredded cabbage and some vegan sour cream!

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  1. Martín says:

    Vegan-Mex recipes ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it! 🙂

  2. Blank says:

    I don’t think mexican food is super popular in the UK sadly, I expect I will struggle to find some decent corn tortillas or tomatilos (and less likely at a good price) but I really want to try this, due to the simplicity.

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