The Vegan Stoner

The Vegan StonerThe Vegan Stoner, in the tradition of DIY-Vegan-Cookbookery like “Soy, Not Oi” and “Please Don’t Feed The Bears” is taking home cooking and demystifying the process to the level that anyone can handle. Even if you’re baked out of your mind. I know a few skaters that don’t smoke, but are so clueless in the kitchen this will certainly get them cooking. With no recipe taking more then 8 steps (the last step is always munch) every thing on the site is super quick. My favorite part is the ingredients. Each one represented by some amazingly creative and unbranded illustration. The creators of Vegan Stoner are working on a cookbook, and they have a Snack Cookbook available on their site too.

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  1. B. Edge says:

    At first I read Snack Cookbook as “Smack Cookbook,” as in a cookbook for someone who uses heroin, as opposed to marijuana.

    Smack Cookbook – let’s make it happen! It wouldn’t be fair to exclude other amazing drugs. Weed gets too much glory. Other books in the series should include:

    – Snack Cokebook
    – Meth Cookbook (where you actually learn how to cook meth, in addition to vegan food that is soft enough for your rotting teeth to chew)
    – Crack Cookbook
    – Vegan for Vicodin

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