Vegan Zombie visits Strong Heart Cafe

The Vegan Zombie hides out at Strong Heart Cafe in Syracuse. I have wanted to visit Strong Heart since it opened but have yet to make it back to Syracuse since Hell-Fest 99′. For an ethical Vegan (from the hardcore scene of the mid 90’s) this is but one stops on the Vegan Straight-Edge Pilgrimage. Pretty sure Food Swings in Brooklyn and Millennium in SF are on the list too. I’ve made a similar breakfast sandwich a few times, but I use Chicago Vegan Foods Teese.

If you find yourself in Syracuse, here is the details.

Strong Heart Cafe 719 East Genesee Street  Syracuse, NY 13210 (315) 478-0000

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  1. It's Carmen says:

    Wow, a website about skateboarding & veganism? Rad. Way rad!

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