Alien Workshop Jake Johnson Pro Deck

Alien Workshop Jake Johnson ProAlien Workshop’s Jake Johnson recently became pro. This his first pro model deck and I am super excited to pickup one up for several reasons. AWS $54.99

First of which, is the art. The futurist geometric style of AWS have always inspired me. Over the years the design style changed and I was into Pendleton but I missed the early days.  Something about the conspiracy theory, new world order element really got my attention.

Second, the size of the board. 8.25″ x 33“. Emphasis here on the 33, though the width is nice. This is my idea of a perfect board length for my long legs. Rarely can I find a board this long in a modern shape.  Also available in 8″ x 31.75”

Third, go back and watch Mind Field. Jake is a fellow Pennsylvanian and most of his part was shot in NYC. East coast skaters are gnarly, and some of the tricks he pulls off are one questionable terrain and some crazy speed. If you have no clue, make sure to pick up a copy when you buy this deck.

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