Blockhead Laban Pheidias deck

This may be the first time you can buy a Laban Pheidias skate deck in at least a decade. This may also be the last, as the only retailer (online at least) only has two left. Laban is a very influential skater(and juggler) from the early 90’s. Blockhead which then became Invisible fizzled out around 98. Jamie Thomas, Steve Berra, Rick Howard, all skated for Blockhead/Invisible.

Laban may have faded from the skate scene, but he is still very much into skating and the like up in Portland. Oh and still Vegan.

Tailtap has 2 decks as of the writing. (2pm April 2 2012) I’ll give everyone until the end of the day to snap them up. When I get off work though, I’m getting mine.                   $54.95

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  1. Michael M. says:

    Hey Kerry, this is Michael, Rachel boccamazzo’s friend. Have you seen the blog Kick to kill? its a super rad blog run out of the UK but has a bunch of stuff about skating, hardcore, and metal.
    They just posted a new Alien Workshop video that is really good!

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