Creature Mutations XL Deck

Creature FOS Old School Skateboard deckCreature Mutations XL Deck is a perfect deck for today. Harkening back to the evil skateboard decks of yore. Mark “FOS” Foster does the art on this rad old school fishtail deck, 31.3″L x 10″W. Don’t disgrace this board with soft wheels and huge risers. Get yourself some rails, Indys, 99a conical Spitfire classics and bring back the vert revolution. Or just ride to your local 7-11 and freak out the norms.

NHS Fun Factory $51.95

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2 Responses to Creature Mutations XL Deck

  1. veganshawn says:

    Fuck Indy’s get some ACE 66 on that board with some Bones Barrier Kult wheels!! Or some OJ 3’s!!

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