Creature Rip Rider

Creature Rip Rider Coffin shaped cruiser skateboardThe Creature Rip Rider was a one-off Halloween promotion that originally dropped in 2009 before the cruiser trend really took off. Its tiny and flexible. 7.4″ at the widest and 24.3″ nose to tail there is very little room on the deck but for the balls of your feet. Super tight radius Bullet trucks and soft 78d OJ III wheels make this thing fly. Did I mention its in the shape of a coffin.

Creature Rip Rider cruiser skateboard re-issue with green wheelsWe’ve posted the board before and it always has a great response, Creature even made a re-issue this summer but stock levels have been hard to come by.  A few quick searches yielded some results so now is your chance to get up on the cruiser-board craze and still keep street cred.

If the pictures on the sites are accurate BlackDiamond is stocking the first release with smoke colored wheels while Active has the re-release with slime green wheels.

Black Diamond Sports $129.95

Active Power Sports $111.99

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  1. thomas says:

    Coffin shapes always looked like they would rather unstable to me. This on doubly so. no shame in saying im not sure i’m man enough to take this thing for a trip down the hill

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