Gold Cup Banana Boards

Gold Cup Banana BoardThe Banana Board was more of a generic term for a plastic skateboard. Back in the high flying 70s and 80’s you could pick up a complete plastic board with trucks permanently machine-welded to the deck at nearly any toy store coast to coast.  Now with the resurgence of longboards and cruisers there is a future once again in plastics.

Gold Cup Banana Board Stok'ems wheelsI’ve had quite a few of these type of decks over my life. Most are nothing more then smaller width trucks with soft wheels. The Gold Cup Banana Board is a bit more thought out and was designed with the help of Bones Brigade legend, Lance Mountain. The trucks are a dead give away that this board properly represents its heritage while taking advantage of new technology.

Gold Cup Banana BoardThe wheels are 57mm 78a, as you may expect from a cruiser. They are however much wider then a typical wheel with out the coned out sidewall either. Thick black and grippy. The deck is a narrow 6″ by 23.2″ and the kick tail is usable instead of ridiculous like some of the other boards out there.

Available in Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Black

Skate Warehouse $89.99

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