Krusty Brand Kruzer by Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Simpsons Skateboard Krusty Cruiser

The Krusty Brand Kruzer is a new model in the Santa Cruz Simpsons line. The loudest and quite possibly the most dangerous as it does sport the Krusty Brand Seal of Approval.”

Krusty Brand Kruzer Simpsons CruiserThe Kruzer has some amazing detailing. When was the last time you saw a board this side of 1988 with so much glitter? Deck, tape, wheels, trucks and all have been covered embedded with glitter. The board is 7.4″W and 29.1″L. Wide enough to feel like your regular deck, but with that short feeling that gives off real pep! Bullet 107mm trucks with a tight turning radius and 60mm OJ III 78a wheels make for a smooth ride. The colors on this thing are amazing. Down to the perfect Simpsons blue bushings.

Simpsons Cruiser skateboard by Santa CruzI totally feel nostalgic looking at this thing. Despite my pension to hate on long boards and a severity for tradition: I don’t want to make the same mistakes as Hyman Krustofski. Cruising is fun especially when your on a fast skateboard acting mashugana in the streets. This is certainly the board to do it on.

NHS Fun Factory $144.95 (FREE SHIPPING)

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