Roctober Magazine issue #50 Skate Deck

Roctober, Character and Evil design just put out this ménage à trois of a collab skateboard deck. This limited addition deck commemorates the release of Roctober Magazine’s 50th issue; the DIY punk juggernauts of Chicago!

The artwork supplied by MCA/Evil Design in classic monchichi style features the colorful (mainly musical) artists from Roctober’s “Hall of Dynamic Greatness“. Most of whom have been featured in Roctober in the last 20 years. My personal favorites are Wanda Jackson, Lux Interior, and David Alan Coe.

Jake Austen of Roctober, The Gobblins, and Chic-A-Go-Go was at the Chicago Zine Fest this weekend, so I picked up the super limited 8.8″ square tail model. Character has several sizes on their site ($54.95+s/h), but haul ace if you want one.  As for Issue #50, Why not head over to Quimby’s Sat. March 30th at 7pm for the Release Party?

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  1. Alan Butella says:

    Thanks for representing Roctotober, MCA and Character Skateboards. I must say the board turned out amazing!

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