Toy Machine Fist of Fury

Toy Machine Fist of Fury Skateboard Deck cruiser boardToy Machine Fist of Fury Deck has topped the odd scale for custom shape cruiser decks. This meaty limb was inspired by a little gag gift brought on a recent Toy Machine skate trip. Now immortalized in a 7-ply laminate, this thing will surely be hanging on some walls, but begs to be used as a skate weapon on the streets. Ollie punch anyone who crosses your path on the side walk, bro.  I also can’t help but think how rad (corny) if someone re-made the McGill/Hawk board tap on the vert spine in Animal Chin into a sky-high fist bump. X-Games, are you reading? Make this a reality Bro!!!

Limited to 300 pieces.

Tum Yeto 8″x32.25″ $65.00

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