100 Posts!

100 of anything is a milestone if there ever was one.  So far many a shoe has been posted,  A few Vegetable Shredders ( Vegan or Vegetarian Skateboarder) have been profiled. And some non-sense lazy day video posts.

Good stuff coming in the pipeline.  October which is indisputably the skateboarders favorite month is around the corner. So I’ll try to keep it full of Evil and Treats. HAIL SEITAN!

Speaking of Treats, next week I have some stickers coming.  Leave a comment, follow the blog on twitter @veganskateblog or send me Vegetable Shredder and I’ll mail you some stickers and vegan candy.

-Mr Fakie

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  1. justin bowen says:

    I love this site! I’m so happy about you posting shoes and whatnot. I’m vegan and its so hard for me to find other vegan skaters. Keep this up, ill keep checking it out and will spread the word. Also I want some of these stickers I can throw a few bucks your way. Email me!
    -justin/hail seitan because I just ate a bunch.

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