Food Fight! Vegan vs. Paleo Shirt

Vegan verse Paleo Food Fight! T-ShirtFood Fight! Grocery has a rad new shop shirt drawn up by one of our favorite vegan skateboarders, Matt Gauck!  If you haven’t heard of the ridiculousness of the Paleo diet, the gist is, “eat like a caveman.”  Well we can just stomp out that BS. Thanks Matt!

Food Fight size XS-XL $15.00

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3 Responses to Food Fight! Vegan vs. Paleo Shirt

  1. Pete says:

    Gatherer-Hunter societies were far more friendly to the planet and its inhabitants than civilllized ‘societies.’ They ate meat as it should be eaten, in small quantities, killing it themselves and using the whole animal. While the paleo diet could easily be dismissed as a trend and I can see why vegans hate it, I think there are some valuable lessons to be learned when studying primitive cultures when it pertains to ethics, diet and over all sustainable living. Agriculture fucked and continues to fuck us.

  2. that shirt will be mine, oh it will be mine.

  3. Lucas says:

    Sick shirt!

    Pete, “Paleo”-dieting is pseudoscientific nonsense at its worst. Many vegans hate fallacious arguments and extravagant, unsubstantiated claims as much as they hate completely unnecessary animal exploitation and bullshit displays of masculinity. That’s why vegans rightfully, and heavily, criticize (or as you say, “hate”) Paleo”.

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