UPDATE: Help Reggie Destin; Skater Hit By a Drunk Driver


Its being reported that early this morning Reggie Destin passed away in hospital. Skateboarding has lost a passionate soul and our best wishes go out to his friends and family. To skateboarders everywhere, stay vigilant and keep Pushing!

-K 10-27-12

On the 18th of October Reggie Destin had organized a skate event in Wicker Park, leaving from Uprise Skateshop on Milwaukee. This was an event for the old heads in the Chicago skater community and was comprised of responsible adults touring their neighborhood by skateboard . That night Reggie was hit while riding in the bike lane on Milwaukee Ave. by a drunk driver who has multiple DUI offenses.  Reggie is in the Hospital in critical condition with life threatening injuries.

I met Reggie on a Critical Mass ride, He was on a bike and I was on my skateboard and giving me a light ribbing for ridding my board in a ride usually favored by bicycles. After yelling out for me to get a bike, he assured me, “It’s cool I’m a skater too!” The first skateshop in Chicago I found when I visited in 99 was Reggie’s shop Push over on Chicago Ave. It was a small basement shop but had a great location and was close to my school.  It would mean a lot to me if everyone reading this could contribute to the GoFundMe page set up for Reggie.

Tonight is Critical Mass in Chicago. I’ll be riding my skateboard. Come out, be in the streets, and remember to live every minute like it could be your last.

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6 Responses to UPDATE: Help Reggie Destin; Skater Hit By a Drunk Driver

  1. Mr. Fakie's Mom says:

    I contributed and posted the info on Facebook. I hope Reggie is back to good health and skating as soon as possible. Please give updates on him if you can.

  2. Mr. Fakie's Mom says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Reggie has died. I hope they got the bastard that killed him.

  3. jaybird says:

    so bummed to read this this morning. i donated the other day & to now read about his loss..ill skate for reggie today.

  4. veganshawn says:

    Meet him at his shop many moons ago when visiting Chicago, he was really nice!! So sad to hear of his passing!! Fuck drunk driving!!

  5. I read about Reggie this morning too.
    I hate when things like this happen to good people.

  6. Nick D says:

    That’s really sad, sounds like Reggie was a great guy. I’m really sorry to hear of his passing.

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