Iron Column – “F’ Nike SB”

Iron Column Skateboards says, “F’ Nike” in style. I’m ending the week with this sweet T-shirt and putting a rest to the corporate skate hate. (At least until this post cycles through a few pages)

This is really for any of my UK followers, as it looks they aren’t shipping out of the Queens backyard. However I sent an email to IC inquiring about shipping to ‘the states,’ so i’ll update when they answer.

Iron Column Size S-XL (american apparel) £14.00 or $21.99 in yankee bucks.

also check out their blog. super relevant to most reading here.

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5 Responses to Iron Column – “F’ Nike SB”

  1. Thanks for the blog post!
    As a Fellow vegan skater I have used this blog every time I have been looking for new shoes, so to get one of our products up here is a massive ego boost. Thanks for writing an excellent blog and thanks for the stickers too, be sure I will stick them at every spot I go to.


  2. Yoann says:

    T-shirts supporting “corporate skate companies hate”, printed on American Apparel : my irony-o-meter just exploded.
    Cool shirt though! 😀

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