Notes and Bolts Podcast w/ Mr Fakie

Earlier this month I was interviewed on the Notes and Bolts Podcast here in Chicago. Many shout-outs and mentions given. Have a listen. Spoiler on my real name.  Great music and ramblings that may be worth your time.

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3 Responses to Notes and Bolts Podcast w/ Mr Fakie

  1. listening now, this is rad.
    i’m about 15 minutes in.

  2. B.E. says:

    and it’s all coming back . . . back home!

    Mr. Fakie – what was the name of the sxe band you were in, what city were you based in and what years were you around?

    Also, if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you? I have a feeling we’re within a year of each other. I’m 34.

    • Mr Fakie says:

      I was in Pittsburgh, but the bands never played but a few shows at a local venue. The names, Means to an End and Blacklisted, had both been other bands that in our youthful ignorance had never heard before. Means to and End’s biggest show was with Aus Rotten in 1997 when they release their final ep. I’m 31 now, so yeah about the same time frame.

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