on the road with pictures…

On the road in the northwest, long distance driving and letting the mind wonder.  While it can be lonesome, traveling alone allows for visits to any skatepark along the way.

Mobash Skatepark in Missoula, MT.  Big, slick, and usually empty. Hippy college town with a great natural food market called, Good Food Store. Stock up, its a long drive to Seattle.

Delridge Skatepark West Seattle. Narrow, crowded, excellent pool and brick transitioned banks.

Vancouver, B.C. Skate Plaza (Union St. / Quebec St.) Spread out with lots of lines and flat space. Lights are on all night to get your rip on.

Orcas Island WA, (Requires a ferry ride, virtually deserted. Rad transitions, gnarly pool coping, and a mean wave of a snake run.

Hiking is required after a skate.

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2 Responses to on the road with pictures…

  1. B.E. says:

    Giant skateparks in towns with less than 10,000 residents = NOT FAIR!!!

    The Delridge transitions MUST be an ode to San Francisco’s Chinatown banks.

  2. Man I am so jealous of your trip so far!
    Amazing skateparks in the mid west.
    I can’t wait to move out there.

    Looking forward to future posts.

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