Sticker Pack Halloween Special!

Vegan Skate Blog stickers, banana avocado and tofuHalloween is the favorite holiday of every rabble-rouser, riffraff, juvenile delinquent, scumbag, and skateboarder! To celebrate, Vegan Skate Blog Sticker Packs come with a Halloween surprise till Nov. 1st! The Trick or Treat  might be candy, a small toy, or one of John Q’s poops. Only one way to find out.  Six stickers, 2 of each design, plus a Trick or Treat!

We run no ads on the blog so your purchase of a sticker pack helps us keep the site alive! Vegan Skater Matt Gauck designed these and that dude is a bad ass!

$5 US   $7 International ( includes shipping)

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