The Vegan Skate Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

The Vegan Skate Blog is one year old today! I started this blog because I wanted to have a space to write about the passions in my life, Skateboarding and Ethical Veganism. The two have nothing and everything to do with one another.

Skateboarding spans so many sub-cultures and generations but is often associated with being a past-time for juvenile delinquents. Veganism spans many groups of people globally and most of the people I know who subscribe to the “ethical” strain tend to associate or identifiy with the average delinquent. (juvenile or otherwise)

The way a skater looks at the world is innately introspective. “How do I figure out this obstacle, this maneuver, the way the board moves as I find my way through the streets?”   Similar questions are asked by anyone who chooses to open their eyes to the world. How their existence and actions cause and effect. Simply based on the number of response, support and positive feedback, Vegan Skate Blog has received, I know I’m not alone.

Skateboarding saved my life. The trappings of low-self esteem and boredom still bare their ugly head in my life. My skateboard has always been the cure. It has always been what I need and what will get me through, good times and bad.  The ideas of punk and hardcore opened my world to activism and ethical veganism. This has taught me compassion, understanding and patience. It makes me think daily about, “how I fit in this world.

I want to thank everyone who has helped make this blog happen, sustained it, supported it.  Thank you, Elizabeth for being my Partner and human spell check.  Christine Connolly for explaining WordPress to me. All the Vegetable Shredders, you people make this blog alive.  Art Noose designed the page banner and first stickers with the carrot stabbed skateboard. She just gave birth to her son Bernard and is already getting him ready for a skateboarder lifestyle!  Matt Gauck, for the brilliant stickers. He gave me 10 amazing designs. It was incredibly tough to choose the three we did. Buy a sticker pack. Sean Conley, for being a super commenter. I always know I have at least one persons attention.  A big shout out for the flow from Jeff Henderson at Emerica. This guy has been supporting the blog since the first few weeks.  Nick Pappas at Blackbox, thanks for the shoes and always being super responsive with product material questions. Here is to another year of, Vegan Skate Shoes for the masses and other petty concerns for a doomed planet.

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3 Responses to The Vegan Skate Blog’s 1st Anniversary!

  1. cody says:

    congrats, I’ve been here since the third day this blog was up, I hope the next year more people check it out and become vegan or at least become more conscience about what they’re buying and how it affects animals. Unfortunately this world, especially this country (u.s), is to fucking ignorant and insensitive to have any compassion towards animals. Blogs like this however are just small steps towards raising awareness to everyone. I hope you continue the blog man! Good luck with the coming year!

  2. bo says:


    I’m really happy to have found this blog. I was wondering if there are any other vegan skaters out there, when I was talking about sports stuff with my room mate today. And there you are. Not “only” vegans, even vegan skaters. Awesome!
    I’ll stay tuned!

    Bye Bo

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