The farm animal sanctuary Animal Place just released this documentary, TURLOCK about their rescue of Hens from the A&L Poultry (factory) Egg Farm in Turlock, California. The owners of the factory farm were stoping egg production in their Turlock facility and had simply stopped feeding the hens. As the result of an anonymous tip eventually Animal Place was able to adopt over 4,000 birds to live out the rest of their lives in sanctuary. Much gratitude to Animal Place for not only rescuing these Hens, but telling the story.  In 2000 Animal Place adopted nearly 500 hens from a rescue at a factory egg farm in Croton Ohio at the Buckeye (factory) Egg Farm after a tornado ripped through several of the “barns.”

Earlier this year local authorities filed criminal charges against the owners of the farm, which could result in jail time, so maybe the animals will have a small bit of justice too.

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