Why VeganSkateBlog?

Most of the world would consider skateboarders degenerates.

Generally speaking I think most of the Vegans i know would be given the same considerations by your average square.

Both of which are usually total bullshit. Labels suck, and people get categorized in a split second. Lets face it, the most enlightened amongst us are probably guilty.

It bums me out when I meet a Vegan Skater who can’t find a decent animal-free shoe. With all the time I spend on the prowl for my next kicks, I figure that sharing that research will make my habit a little more justifiable.  I wanted a place that I could go and find currently available skate shoes, and maybe a place where I can share what I’m doing (skateboarding or eating) Thats Why I made this blog.

-Mr Fakie

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  1. blütt says:

    i’m both stoked and bummed that you started this. i don’t need more shoes, but i totally need more shoes, ya know? thank/damn you.

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