Vegetable Shredder – Art Noose


NAME: Artnoose


LOCATION: Pittsburgh


 Job: Letterpress Printer




Where do you like skating?      Polish Hill skate park


Why did you go Veg?  Originally it was because my friends were vegetarian – I was a teenager. That was a while ago, though. I’ve been vegan for longer than a lot of my friends have had pubic hair. I realize that’s a weird comparison, but it works.


What was your favorite thing to skate and why? I like skating bowls because I feel like I have a lot of room.


What shoe are you skating in now? Converse, all the time.


Or just say whatever you want.    I find it to be a really discouraging social barrier to go to a skate park and see only dudes there, or to see women as only spectators. I try to encourage girls and ladies to skate whenever possible. Or anyone who feels intimidated at the skate park. I know what it’s like, so whenever someone tells me they feel like they’re too old, or not good enough, or haven’t skated in a long time, I tell them that I often feel that way too, so we should go to the park together. I know skating gets seen as an individual sport, but I feel like for me it’s been just as much social as individual. I’m stoked that I’ve been able to amass a posse of friends who are good skaters but also supportive of me and each other. I try to pay that back by being supportive of people I meet that want to start/continue skating but have some kind of social block about it. The way I see it, people feeling comfortable at a skate park is a positive step for everyone.

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