Vegetable Shredder – Chris Klich

Chris Klich Vegan Pro Skateboarder

photo: spencer morgan

NAME: Chris Klich

LOCATION: SE Portland – real close to bsss

OCCUPATION: student / skateboarder / chef

Where do you like skating? brooklyn street skate spot, unheard ramp, skate barn NC, Sisters, Lincoln City, any park with my friends is a good spot

Why did you go Veg? animal rights, health reasons, not trying to be an asshole, finally figuring shit out.

What is your favorite thing to skate and why? small tight tranny with pool block

What shoe are you skating in now? chukka boots

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg… Skateboarding led me to veganism. As I see it, they are both extensions of looking at the world differently. I wouldn’t be who I am today without these two aspects in my life.  Thank you to my sponsors Bacon skateboards, Portland Wheel co, Ace trucks, Daddies board shop, Unheard distribution


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  1. Mike Duthler says:

    I’m so happy that there’s a vegan riding for Ace. I’m in love with those trucks. Kind of funny that he’s on Bacon, too. I love it.

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