Vegetable Shredder – Christine

Christine Vegan skateboarder vegetable shredder NAME: Christine


OCCUPATION: troublemaker

Where do you like skating? Anywhere with good hills/nice tranny, preferably a combination of both!

Why did you go veg? …because it’s the obvious thing to do if you choose not to be wilfully blind…

What is your favorite thing to skate and why? #skateeverything

What shoe are you skating in now? Etnies Marana

Or say whatever you want about skating veg…  Not sure what else to say! I’m vegan and I love skateboarding, punk rock and a million other things. Being vegan can be a challenge while on tour/skate trips, especially abroad!



Thanks for sending in this Vegetable Shredder, Christine! I wonder how one gets into troublemaking work?  Are you veg and shred? Send in a some photos and the answer to all these questions to  Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers. ( US only – that international shipping is EXPENSIVE!)

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