Vegetable Shredder – Mike G.

Mike G Vegan Skateboarder, Vegetable ShredderNAME: Mike G.

LOCATION: Austria/Lower Austria

OCCUPATION: Electrician

Where do you like skating?
I love skateboarding in the little village where I grew up. There is a small skatepark with a great long rail and an self made ollie box which is totally destroyed to jump on it but good enought for grinds or slides. I also have welded another great rail which is perfect to challenge yourself with new or old tricks.

Why did you go Veg?
My brother and my sister are vegans. They have inspired me and opened my eyes. There are so many things going wrong in this world and I want to take a step into the right direction and I won’t shut my mouth anymore.

What is your favorite thing to skate and why?
I realy like rails. For me it’s the best feeling in this world to grind or slide a rail.

What shoe are you skating in now?
I wear Habitat shoes but I don’t know the name. (sorry)
If you are looking for good 100% vegan shoes I’d suggest the habitat homepage. Search the shoes you want and klick on the vegan symbol and then you will get all results of their vegan shoes. That’s a good idea and a great thing for every vegan/vegetarian skater.


Thanks Mike for sending this in and for the gnarly lip slide!  We dig Habitat too!

If you skate and are Veg, you are a Vegetable Shredder! Send us a photo and fill out the questions above. href=””> Don’t forget to tell us where you live so we can send out some stickers!

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