Vegetable Shredder – Pinkviolence

vegan skateboarder vegetable shredder

1995 (heel flip) photo: zami

Name: Pinkviolence.

Location: Singapore, South East Asia.

Occupation: asocial, nomadic outlaw skateboard activist / blogger.

vegan skateboarder vegetable shredder

2008 (halfcab heel flip) photo: dil

Where do you like skating? Anywhere within manmade architectural structures and anywhere that I am able to, in the streets on this blue globe.

Why did you go veg?

I started skateboarding persistently since I was 14 and for more than 20 years of pushing wood, it changed my perspective of life. As a form of protest, it made me socially and consciously aware of the environment going on around me. I’ve been a freegan since I was 15, but since 2013, I’ve not consumed any sorta carcass.

Vegan skateboarder vegetable shredder

2010 (frontside salad grind) photo: pez

What is you favourite thing to skate and why?

Ledges, gaps, banks, stairs, rails and just about anything that i chance upon along the concrete and asphalt ways of human traffic, just because.

What shoe are you skating in now?

All of the kicks that i skate in with are by vans, which is owned by the vanity fair corp. i use all of them in rotation, that way they don’t wear out too fast, but unfortunately not all of them are 100% animal friendly. and to be honest, i have not bought a pair of shoes in years now. maybe, i just don’t shred hard enough?

2015 (switch nose grind) photo: miz

…or just say whatever you want about skating veg… 

If all of this was just a fad, i would have opted out a long time ago. skateboarding and living compassionately are the only few things that I look forward to in life. Please, respect that piece of plank under your feet which is made out of centuries old maple verniers. Respect what you eat and the clothes you have on. Be a conscious skateboarder and consumer. Recycle and repurpose whatever you can salvage. Never stop questioning, never stop thinking and never stop being. Be alert and be aware. Go skate! No rules! 1312!

Pinkviolence is a heck of a punk-name (violence isn’t very posi, but Pinkviolence seems to be down) and seeing 20 years of skating photo is hella rad!

Are you veg and shred? Send in a some photos and the answer to all the questions above to  Don’t forget a mailing address so we can get you some rad stickers. ( US only – that international shipping is EXPENSIVE!)

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