Vegetable Shredder – Yoann

NAME: Yoann


OCCUPATION: IT guy to pay the rent, playing the bass guitars, skateboarding

Where do you like skating?
In Paris with my friends, in St Petersburg (surprisingly, the coolest city I could ever skate : lot of HUGE spots, very nice and open minded skaters and bypassers, several vegan clubs and restaurants)
Bercy is my long-time favorite spots : blocks and marble curbs
I also love my skate park in the morning (“mine” : it’s really next to my flat, and it’s empty in the morning (from 2pm it’s invaded by kids with push-scooters))

Why did you go Veg? I gave it a try for fun. 3 weeks. It’s been 5 months now…Felt much better this way. I’m not so concerned about PETA and animal cause, it’s mostly personal : better health and digestion, better ecology too

What is your favorite thing to skate and why?
Marble curbs, because there’s plenty to do.
I like the “over the table” tricks, they feel smooth.

What shoe are you skating in now?
Osiris decay, the ollie area is not vegan (suede)… fail, considering a fine pair of etnies as next victims.

Or just say whatever you want about skating Veg…
I don’t know any other vegan skater in Paris. Which is sad. Most vegans here seems to be stupid hippy junkies. Which is sad too.
Just drink your chocolate soy-milk, stretch good (a run + 5-10 minutes stretching before, 10 minutes right after, 5 minutes before going to bed) and go for this gap.
Yes sir, a pizza with no cheese is still a pizza

pics = vegan burger! + broken board 🙁 (the griptape says : “Я веганский утка”, “I’m a vegan duck”)


With the New Year we welcome a recently new Vegan and long time skater to the halls of Vegetable Shredder! Yoann is also the first to bite, quite literally at my request for vegan sandwich eating. Dude is shredding that bread!  Thanks Yoann!

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  1. props to yoann, going against the grain in paris!

    keep it up!

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