Emerica Stay Gold Easter Egg – BAKU

Yesterday I posted a Vegetable Shredder for Shawn and he was name dropping Barrier Kult, so I figured I would give everyone a dose of what everyone seems to be vibing on…

If you haven’t yet seen Emerica’s Stay Gold, What the F?

No secret I am a big fan of the shoes, but the current Emerica Team, this Video is something special. Even if you don’t count all the easter eggs, this one is for sure a classic. Westgates opening part. DAMN!

DeerMan of the Dark Woods, and the rest of BA. KU. are hidden in the nether regions of the DVD. I couldn’t find it, and it’s worth a watch. If you want to try and hack the planet and find the hidden tracks, get it from Chicago’s Uprise for $18 bones.

If thats to much for you little pirates, and you don’t care about easter eggs, then Steve Jobs will gladly suckle on the teat of skateboarder blood.

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