Holy Cow!

Holy Cow has been making the rounds on all the skateboard websites and twitter. If this is the only skate site you read however, this is new to you. Also I would like to point out the affinity a Vegan blog has with Cows. I mean, thats why we are all Vegan right, we love cows?

Some of the spots may seem interestingly familiar. The developing world namely south east asia, has been a new favorite for skate trips. (Europe is 20 years ago.) VisualTraveling has been documenting some amazing stuff for several years.   The Mandalay Express, also featuring Kenny Reed, had some photos in the September issue of Thrasher. This trip included a stop in Burma, you know as in Myanmar. Not exactly the most western-friendly place. Whats next, North Korea? Though I think this is on the whole a really positive thing to see. Similar to the powerful work Skateistan is doing in Kabul, these trips can have a furthering influence that is more then just a colorful new skate vid. Skateboarding is captivating when seen up close for the first time, especially in these parts of the world. The way it engages kids is ultimately positive and a life altering experience. Think of skateboarding as the youthful ambassador to the east.

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  1. this is beautiful.
    a great write up as well.

    i reposted it on my g+, and quoted you on it.

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