Loveletters to Skateboarding – Curbs


Jeff Grosso explores Curbs in the season finale of Loveletters to Skatebording and what a finale!
Everyone after all has some connection or story. I had a love/hate relationship with several curbs in my hometown. Notably the Washington County Courthouse and Windsor Elementary. Both amazing curbs that my friends and I waxed into oblivion. They sat at perfect hight for grinds. The courthouse was good for slappys since it was made of granite, but it was also curved. Amazingly fun and hazardous. Eventually the spot was a zero-tolerance zone. If anyone skated there, then the cops would hound us at every spot we went to next. One day they replaced the first two steps. Both shiny and new, sort of the negative image to the ground to a nub blackened slick spot that had entertained us for some many years.

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