One Up Skateshop Promo

I just got back from a quick trip to Pittsburgh. Unfortunately I was unable to hook up with tOM for some new diy-spot shredding. In fact I had to ditch bringing the board entirely due to weather and my recovering knee injury.  I did get to do some amazing spot checks on the north side however.  Pittsburgh spots have been blowing up in the last year. Some of my favorite boy-hood haunts where well documented in a Thrasher pictorial and Video,”Yinz Going to da ‘Burgh? “

One Up Skateshop also has some of these spots in this promo video. Full length is due to hit bout this time next year for the 10th Anniversary of the shop, but if you want to go low tech and own your own, they have the DVD for sale on the OneUp blog.  It features three other videos not posted here so worth your money.

I’ve been living in Chicago now for about 6 years and NYC a year before that. When ever I visit my time is split 90/10 on Family/Skating though I’m trying to merge the two with a new generation.  I forget how gnarly the hills really are and being away has made me gain some new respect for what I took for granted. Growing up on an extremely steep hill made power slides a must. Even then still, the rock salt and cinders that get spread on t

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