Slap Magazine – Portland Lines

Exploring a new city and finding skate spots is so intertwined with street skating that we  stalk business districts and school yards every chance we get. The streets of Portland, OR are ruff and the sidewalks often no better.  Funny enough, the brick lines streets along the Max lines are a coveted avenue for skateboarding, (though you may get a ticket.) They  have that click-clack sound that feels fulfilling under your feet and just enough slide that your not getting completely tore up if you bail.

SlapMagazine gives us just a taste of what Portland has to offer when you don’t want to fight the skatepark crowds and just want to get weird in the streets!

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2 Responses to Slap Magazine – Portland Lines

  1. tOM says:

    the red and white ledge spot looks like too much fun.

  2. Yeah dude! We need to find some of these spots.

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