Mr. Fakie’s War on X-MAS – Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

Let the War on X-Mas begin, with the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser!

Banana boards are near and dear to the hearts of anyone who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. It was a time when heavy metal was evil and skateboarding was tantamount to devil worship.

I picked up that blue demon above, though I was on the fence for pink or yellow. Ultimately those sweet cherry red wheels sank their hooks in.

A quick review.

The wheels are on so tight they where crushing the bearings, which need lubed. I ride my trucks REALLY loose and I was taken aback how loose they where, so beware before you acid-drop this thing. You also might want to wait till the weather is nice and dry. When it gets wet, the ghost of Mr. Wilson comes out.

–check back later this week for another gift idea for my war on X-Mas. I have at least one gift idea for every night of Hanukkah!–

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  1. my friend got his son this for christmas.
    did you see the ad they made for it?
    jason lee skating with his son pilot.
    super awesome.

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